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When our founders worked as marketing and product managers in the enterprise software space they always had to keep an eye on the competition. They would browse the web daily to find new pieces of information, and had to go through endless piles of data just to get to the very few gems that were relevant. Little time was left to actually analyze and act upon the findings. There had to be a better way. They looked for tools to improve this process but surprisingly didn’t find anything worthwhile. So they decided to build it themselves.


We built a sophisticated set of web crawlers to discover competitive intelligence in open sources. Rather than casting a wide net we take the opposite approach and focus on data sources that are most relevant to each industry. Our engines then analyze the information to extract business insights out of structured and unstructured data. All this competitive intelligence goodness is then made available through an interactive dashboard on desktops and tablets and through daily e-mail alerts.


Competition is good for business, and we believe in the democratization of enterprise competitive intelligence. We aim to place an affordable, powerful, competitive-intelligence dashboard on desks of enterprise staff everywhere



The interactive dashboard offers a complete view of your industry and competitors. It is always up-to‐date, allowing you to find competitive intelligence at the individual competitor level or across the competitive landscape. It covers information such as: industry news; product announcements; analyst and financial reports; intellectual property; product reviews; videos; collaterals; employee feedback. In addition, the dashboard incorporates analytics capabilities such as word clouds and data visualization to uncover business insights from unstructured data.


PlainSight Intel's Trends & Analysis charts breathe new life into unstructured data and enable managers and executives to easily grasp how they fair against the competition over time. It can help answer questions such as:

Are you making enough noise out there?
Are your analyst relations on par with the competition?
Are you protecting your intellectual property?
Are your employees engaged?


Stakeholders receive daily email alerts which summarize newly discovered competitive news. It is a great way to stay on top of competitors and what they are up to. The newsletter links directly to the original sources to provide more details and context about each update.